Trance EP is a collection of five tracks where I did some experimenting with arpeggios.

"Digital Whirlwind" makes me think of a video game along the lines of a modern day Mega Man II remake in the Windman level. Or perhaps a modern day remake of the SNES and N64 series Pilotwings?

"The Guy Who Could Run Really Fast" makes me think of, well... a guy who can run really fast. Who needs a Crazy Taxi when you have "The Guy Who Could Run Really Fast!"

"Bubble Bauble" gets a little weird in the second half of the song thanks to some randomizers.

Don't ask me why I named one of the songs "Coin Coin Coin" because I'm not really even sure. I may have had a video game like Super Mario Bros on the brain?

"Dark Passenger" is my favorite track on the EP. I had recently watched Dexter : New Blood, a series which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think we all have a "Dark Passenger" of sorts inside of us, although hopefully not as dramatic as those portrayed in the TV series.

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