Sternutation: the act of sneezing. I found this word appropriate for the album because this is an eclectic mix of tunes spanning multiple genres.

I had a lot of material that I've worked on over the past 3-4 years experimenting with different styles and techniques while learning how to produce electronic music. Rather than leaving a bunch of "unfinished" material hidden away where no one can hear it, I would rather put out a bunch of music and learn along the way rather than spending too much time focusing on making one track "perfect." In an artist's eyes, our work is never "perfect." We will always perceive something about our work that we might change or do differently. At some point an artist has to say enough is enough and let the work speak for itself in it's raw existence.

Here are 21 tracks in various levels of "completeness." I hope you find something you enjoy.

PS, this album was supposed to release Sept 2, 2023 but the release date got entered as 2022 because I'm a big dumb dumb. It technically went "live" on Aug 16, 2023.